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Significant Others

6 x 1 hour (Drama)

Fremantle Media, ABC


A single mother who fails to return from her morning swim, leaving behind two teenagers and a fractured family in the rubble of the catastrophe. Putting the pieces together is the awakening that threatens to tear this family apart.

Produced by Matt Reeder

Directed by Tony Krawitz

Written by Tommy Murphy (Creator), Niki Aiken, Blake Ayshford, Louise Fox, Vonne Patiag and Sue Smith.

Starring Rachel Blake, Jacqueline Mackenzie, Kenneth Moraleda, Alison Bell and Todd McKenney.

Premieres on ABC 16th October, 2022.

Awards -

NOMINATED - Most Outstanding Drama Series, Logies 2023

WINNER - Equity Ensemble Awards, Mini-Series 2023

NOMINATED - Television Series Production of the Year, SPA Awards 2023

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