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The Dead Man's Face Was My Own

8mins, Short (Drama)

VIP Films


Detective Parker stumbles across a murder victim that bears an uncanny resemblance to himself. As he delves deeper into his investigation of the doppelgänger, he begins to question his own identity as long hidden secrets from his past fall into the light.


Produced and Directed by Vonne Patiag

Written by Vonne Patiag & Andrew Rolfe

Starring Tom Mittelheuser, Genevieve Fricker, Sean Gallinetti and James Colley

Awards -

Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Actress - Made In The West Film Festival 2015

Best Film - USU Short Film Competition 2011

Official Selection -

USU Short Film Competition 2011

Coasties Film Festival 2012

Palm Awards, Sydney Verge Festival 2011

Made In The West Film Festival 2015

Featured Short on I Heart Chaos, Discover Short Film, The Final Image Shorts and Ain't It Cool

Watch the film here. 

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